"A healthy approach to beautiful that goes beyond skin deep."



...A cozy, quaint studio available as your own private sanctuary.      

Enter into the calming atmosphere of Face Value and escape from all the outside hullabaloo.  Whether you're in for 15 minutes or an hour use this break to focus and center yourself.  You deserve it!

RENEW  During your treatment it's time to slough off the negative!  We're not just talking about Lisa exfoliating dead skin cells during your revitalizing facial!  Don't forget to BREATHE.

RECHARGE  Towards the end of your treatment you will feel re-balanced and re-energized, able to take on whatever the world throws your way!  Okay, maybe tomorrow, after you recover from feeling like you're floating on a cloud.

RECLAIM  Walk away from Face Value feeling invigorated and inspired!  We're touched you trusted Face Value to pamper yourself.  Hopefully it encourages you to get back in touch with your youthfulness, reconnect with wellness, and awaken your vigor.  LIVE!  And don't forget to take good care of yourself!